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June 6, 2011

Endah Parade Badminton Court

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Written by: Lauren

One of the latest badminton centers to come out recently is the Pioneer Badminton Center which is located on the 5th Floor of the Endah Parade  Shopping Center. The Pioneer Badminton Center is an initiative started by some of our renowned badminton players including Wong Choong Hann, Chew Choon Eng, Chan Choong Ming and Lee Wan Wah when they formed the CNK Sports Academy in 2004.

The CNK Sports Academy started off by Wong Choong Hann, Simon Kong, Chew Choon Eng and Edward Ng while Chan Chong Ming and Lee Wan Wah joined later. It was an initiative to provide kids aged 9 and above the chance to learn badminton from the national shuttlers and to provide a proper education on the game. The provided clinics and workshops in some schools around the Klang Valley and also held camps for students from Singapore as well.

There are 10 courts in total and are opened everyday of the week from 9am to 1am. Bookings start at RM16 per hour until 6.30pm where after that you will have to book for 2.5 hours per slot at RM70. If you book for a monthly session, it will be RM62 per slot. On weekends and public holidays, the courts are RM20 per hour throughout the day.

Booking Number: 0390570489
Handphone: 0123220703




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